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This is an occasional update of our pottery pursuits....

By Richard Farrell, Dec 7 2015 01:19PM

We had a really lovely day out at Phil's down in Rhayader. The selection of pots was brilliant and the prices were very good too which is always a bonus. The atmosphere was very Christmassy which was helped in no small way by the fantastic nibbles prepared by Hajeong. There was also mulled wine to enjoy. We bought several pieces and received a gift from under the tree of a lovely yunomi, many thanks Phil. One of the pieces we bought was the bottle pictured below. We are very pleased with it and it looks lovely on our mantelpiece. As always there was a brilliant selection pieces by the Hamada family and Shimaoka which are of top quality. The sale continues until Christmas so if you have a day off I thoroughly recommend that you get yourself along.

By Richard Farrell, Sep 15 2015 01:14PM

My dad has always been a huge admirer of Hans Coper. This is partly due to the fact that Coper lived and worked (for a short period) in Digswell, Hertfordshire. This is close to where my dad lives. He was delighted recently to have added to his collection this fantastic piece by Coper that was made during his time at this location. This piece was given as a wedding gift to a friend who has now sold it to my dad. It is an unusual shape......I have seen similar pieces but none that are the exact same shape. The colour is stunning. This is a really great piece. I am jealous of my dad and wish it was mine but unfortunately I cannot afford to buy a Coper pot with the prices that his work currently fetch!

By Richard Farrell, Aug 17 2015 05:18PM

Had a lovely day down in Wales with my wife Cat. We visited Phil Rogers and purchased an absolutely stunning slab bottle by Shoji Hamada. Phil has many contacts in Japan and has visited and exhibited there many times. He picks up pieces and then sells them on at very reasonable prices. His aim is to make these pieces available to collectors like us who don't have unlimited funds. Phil is probably the leading authority on Japanese potters (as well as being an exceptional potter himself) and is able to pick out some excellent pieces to sell in the UK. If you are a fan of these Japanese masters your first point of call should be Phil's website: http://www.philrogerspottery.com/

By Richard Farrell, Aug 2 2015 01:09PM

We have decided to add a page dedicated solely to guinomis (sake cups). These can be called different names such as ochoko or choko but are more commonly known as guinomis. Mike Dodd in fact calls his 'Stanleys' after his grandson. The are traditionally used in Japan for drinking the rice drink Sake. They are very commonly made and displayed as ornamental pieces now though. We started collecting these when my wife and I got married as they really appealed to her. Our collection has steadily grown. We hope to display them in a similar way to that of Phil Rogers who sells selections of 80 through the Goldmark Gallery.

They look fantastic in this way. However we prefer to hand pick the ones we buy and display them accordingly. Who knows how many we may have one day! Please check out the new page via the gallery page on this website.

By Richard Farrell, Jul 25 2015 07:49PM

We had a great time at Potfest in the Park yesterday at Hutton-in-the-Forest. It is a cultural destination in itself with it's walled garden, topiary terraces and woodland walks. The ceramics festival takes place in and around marquees in front of the castle, with the potters competition pieces on the lawn. As always there were some excellent potters there. Most notably (and by that I mean my favourite potters present) were Mike Dodd, Ruthanne Tudball, Mark Smith and Richard Heeley. I did buy a couple of pieces to add to our collection, a Tokkuri and 2 guinomis by Ruthanne Tudball. Really fantastic pieces (see the pictures).

We managed to go on the first day which usually means you can get the 1st choice on the best pieces. We managed to take the afternoon off from looking after the young people in my wife's youth group. We were all staying in Keswick for the Keswick Convention so the two events coincided perfectly. The weather was lovely and we took a nice walk around the stunning gardens. I thoroughly recommend the Potfest events. There is something for everyone.