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By Richard Farrell, Aug 2 2015 01:09PM

We have decided to add a page dedicated solely to guinomis (sake cups). These can be called different names such as ochoko or choko but are more commonly known as guinomis. Mike Dodd in fact calls his 'Stanleys' after his grandson. The are traditionally used in Japan for drinking the rice drink Sake. They are very commonly made and displayed as ornamental pieces now though. We started collecting these when my wife and I got married as they really appealed to her. Our collection has steadily grown. We hope to display them in a similar way to that of Phil Rogers who sells selections of 80 through the Goldmark Gallery.

They look fantastic in this way. However we prefer to hand pick the ones we buy and display them accordingly. Who knows how many we may have one day! Please check out the new page via the gallery page on this website.

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