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Potfest in the Park

By Richard Farrell, Jul 25 2015 07:49PM

We had a great time at Potfest in the Park yesterday at Hutton-in-the-Forest. It is a cultural destination in itself with it's walled garden, topiary terraces and woodland walks. The ceramics festival takes place in and around marquees in front of the castle, with the potters competition pieces on the lawn. As always there were some excellent potters there. Most notably (and by that I mean my favourite potters present) were Mike Dodd, Ruthanne Tudball, Mark Smith and Richard Heeley. I did buy a couple of pieces to add to our collection, a Tokkuri and 2 guinomis by Ruthanne Tudball. Really fantastic pieces (see the pictures).

We managed to go on the first day which usually means you can get the 1st choice on the best pieces. We managed to take the afternoon off from looking after the young people in my wife's youth group. We were all staying in Keswick for the Keswick Convention so the two events coincided perfectly. The weather was lovely and we took a nice walk around the stunning gardens. I thoroughly recommend the Potfest events. There is something for everyone.

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