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By Richard Farrell, Jul 4 2015 09:25PM

Had a lovely day in the glorious sunshine at Hatfield Art in Clay at Hatfield House with my wife and parents. A stunning setting which was the residence of Queen Elizabeth 1st.

We added a 3 guinomis to our collection. I say guinomi but one of them was by Mike Dodd who calls the Stanleys after his grandson. Mike had some lovely pieces for sale which is quite an achievement as he has recently handed over more than 300 pieces to the Goldmark Gallery for a solo exhibition.....more than 100 pieces have already sold. The other two guinomis were by Richard Heeley and Time Lake. Both lovely pieces. I only recently discovered Richard Heeley who had some stunning pots on offer. His fish designs really appeal to me and I'm sure I will be investing further in his work in the future. The guinomi by Tim Lake was a small hakame piece which was lovely. I admit I hadn't heard of him until today which surprises me as his work is of a very high quality. David Binch was there with a selection of very nice pieces for sale. I am waiting for him to start selling his own work alongside other well known potters from the UK & Japan. There is still another day left of the festival and I would recommend looking out for the above potters as well as Peter Beard, Peter Hayes in particular. There will always be some potters that don't appeal but that I balanced by some fantastic work by more well potters as well as some lesser known potters with bargains to be had. All in all a really good day.

By Richard Farrell, Jun 3 2015 02:59PM

Had a lovely day out last Saturday at Phil Rogers' Summer Sale in Rhayader. As always, he had a huge selection of fantastic pieces on offer at very good prices. The downstairs showroom was full of great pots that were supposedly 'slight seconds' but in over 90% of them I could not identify anything that would warrant that label! I guess that if a pot doesn't turn out exactly how the artist intended then it may, in his eyes, be classed as a second. However, to a collector like me I can just admire the pot and take advantage of the reduced prices.

I am not an expert in the technical side of creating ceramics of this quality but I know what I like and what appeals to me and that is why I collect and enjoy visiting galleries and festivals when I can. I love how I can look at a pot and love it and then someone else can look at the same piece in a completely different way. I have never collected pottery as an investment (although if I saw a Coper in a charity shop I may break that trend) as I only buy pots that I enjoy holding and looking at. My favourite potter is Shoji Hamada who's technical ability was, in my opinion, second to none but even he produced pieces that simply do not appeal to me. His prices are usually out of my price range but on occasion I will sell some of my pieces to fund a purchase if it is a special piece. I would thoroughly recommend attending Phil's sales as he is one of the UK's top potters working today as is proved by his global popularity and representation in galleries across the world.

As always, there were a selection of Hamada and Shimaoka pieces available in the upstairs showroom. Phil picks these up from Japan and offers them at very reasonable prices, which to collectors like me with limited finances provides a great opportunity to own pieces by these masters of pottery!